Sunday, March 4, 2012

Short Cold Afternoon Of Project Starts. You Might Remember This Slat Bench As An Estate Sale Score From Last Summer. Status: Started? Only Just.


I've been sorta avoiding this project since I acquired this slat bench last summer.  Looking at all those slats that need cleaning / just seems so overwhelming.  ::sigh::  But D*mmit, I want my slat bench!  So last weekend the screws came out.  This weekend I started liberating some of that paint.

Here's what the bench looks like today.  I didn't get very far, just got three of the seat slats

sanded.  I'm not taking down to bare wood.  I ain't got that kinda time.  I didn't feel like being

the noisy bastard of the neighborhood either so I didn't get out the D/A power sander either,

but I might tomorrow!  That'll make it go so much faster I'm sure.


The three on the right are sanded, but no matter how far I got this afternoon I wasn't going to be

able to paint anything. It was just too cool out. It might be warm enough tomorrow to shoot a

little rattle can satin black and see what it's gonna look like. We'll see. On another note, while I

had the garage opened up I decided to dig way back in the back and pull out a little sumpthn

sumpthn that I picked up at the Wentville flea market WAY back a few years ago but sorta

forgot about.


This is destined for our familyroom / TV room. It's just about the right size to fit between the

fireplace and the outside wall and I can put the stereo stuff on the middle shelf without it sticking

out too far. I won't be able to put the sliding glass doors on it with the stereo equipment in there

but I'm not even sure I know where those glass doors are. The center channel speaker will

reside on the bottom shelf and the TV on top. A couple of DVDs will fit in there too. I wish it

was a bit deeper though, I do admit. I would rather install the sliding doors.

DSCN6102DSCN6107 you can see, the top needs help. It had some really ugly (like it matters) contact

paper up there. I pulled it off. Hmmmm...I wonder if the glue would come off with some Goof

Off. I really should paint the whole thing first anyway. I'm just afraid that the paint is oil based

and I won't be able to rattle can enhance it's aesthetics. How can I tell if this is oil based paint?


So this is weird. There appears to be a plate trench in the back of the middle and lower shelf.

And what are those punched in divots on the middle shelf for? Maybe they hold some sort of

dividers that have little tabs that slip into them? Weirdness.


This is the rail for the two sliding glass doors. It has felt or something in there to keep the glass

from screeching when moved. It's kinda dirty. I'll clean it, promise. Nice legs, huh! Aren't these

just about the shortest cutest little hairpins you've ever seen? I think I paid like $15 for the entire

cabinet and if all I ever got to use out of it were the legs...I'd still feel like I was ahead!


  1. I don't think you'd have an adhesion problem if you were to paint. Maybe hit it with a coat of primer first. I hate hand sanding and if it can be done with my orbital Dewalt my neighbors will just have to put up with me. Again... I think they must be resigned to the fact I work on stuff as they never complain.

    1. Hi A Mod. I did finally break down and drag out my (vintage) Craftsman electric sander today. It wasn't as noisy as I remember...and if it was, wasn't like it was a beautiful day with lots of BBQing going on. Just the kids across the street playing Basketball. I don't think I bothered them AT ALL! But I DID get the rest of the slats done in the same time it took me to do the first three. Just got to do the legs and repaint now.

    2. I'm guessing it's going to turn out great! Looking forward to the pics and thanks for all your research...

  2. Cool slat bench! Those things make a great end-of-bed seat/dressing table. That TV stand would look pretty sweet with a paint job as well. Perhaps you could paint the outside black and then each of the shelve areas a different color (something Nelson-esque like an orange, green, blue, or yellow).

    Also, just thought I'd ask, do you happen to have any table lamps/shades for sale? I'm looking for a few and haven't had any luck in the thrifts or on CL lately.

    1. Hi Nick. This one would be great at the end of a King Size bed but is way too long for our queen! I thought about the paint job idea you suggest for the metal cab. There's one on Design*Sponge like that. It's pretty tempting.

      I do have a couple lamps available on my craigslist ads (link at the top of the page). Aren't you looking for a pair of matching lamps? The thrifts HAVE seemed to kinda dry up where lamps are concerned! You might wanna hit a few estate sales that don't necessarily have anything you MUST have but have a few pieces that are in the style we like. Sometimes they have other stuff (lamps) that they didn't bother to photograph. Plus you won't then have to get up so crazy early to stake the sale out.

  3. My dad built one of these back in the day. I had it stowed away for years and just resurrected it.......very cool! I think these could be built with minimal skills. Just some lumber from Home Depot, and hairpin legs are available online. If you can't find hairpin legs the right size/shape, you could try your local welding outfit.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Hey, did you send me an e-mail about your bench today? I think you did!

      I hope to be featuring her father's bench soon. We'll see.