Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Thrift Store Pics. Got Sidetracked Trying To Get My Business Done Yesterday. Status: Crappy Camera Phone Pics...Sorry.


I had to get up a little early yesterday and try to get some "real life" stuff done but was thwarted by a broke machine where I needed to get my business done.  Luckily there are a couple thrift stores RIGHT THERE!  I didn't actually buy anything there but I did see some interesting things, like this overnight bag which I'm inexplicably smitten with.  I think it's just the cool vinyl.  I hope it's just the cool vinyl. 


Also in cool vinyl: this fab two piece davenport sofa.  It's too bad that some of the piping on the

far seat cushion was busted up.  This looked to me to have obviously been reupholstered. 

Could you imagine sitting on this heavily textured black vinyl sofa in the middle of summer in

shorts!  You'd look like you have a horrible skin condition!


There were a couple interesting lighting options available.  The outside fixture is a little too '70s

mod for me with the smoked glass ball and all, plus we don't really have that kind of outside

fixture on the Lily Pad.  I almost brought the other fixture home.  I'm sure that the wood would

look great with a little teak oil and some Feed-N-Wax.


Nice little planter and a bud vase.  Don't need 'em.  The retro china cabinet was already sold. 

Nice!  Glad somebody recognizes cool retro design and saved this from the landfill.  That's not

all that had a sold sticker on it though.


This nice compact danish style stereo cabinet had been snatched up as well.  Notice that there

are side speakers that swing out (and are removable!).  The wood was stupid dry and had

some water spots but I know this could look great with a little rub down.  Plus, someone has

already replaced the turntable with a more contemporary unit.  Who knows if it works, once

I spotted the sold tag I lost interest!


  1. Dude, seems like we have somewhat similar appreciation circuits. We call the overnight bag a train case. I've picked up two train cases for Wonder Woman in the last month.

    They're especially snag worthy if they have the storage tray, the lining isn't isn't stained with make up, or crushed dreams by boyfriend cruelty (AKA teen girl tears) and the mirror's in one piece.

    Two to five bucks is about as high as you want to go on these gems.

    1. Hi Dave. The interior was minty and the mirror was intact but I didn't see a tray. I bet there's a way to build this into something a Boombox!

  2. I bought the outside light. Now I need to find the perfect mid-century house to hang it!

    1. Hi beckyok. You bought the one I took pics of? How cool is that! I went to an estate sale in Belleville Il a few weeks ago in a house that the light would have looked perfect on.

    2. I have a couple 70's ranchers here in Ferguson that I have my on. We've moved 5 times in 25 years, all in Ferguson. I love to move in, redo, and move on!