Monday, October 12, 2015

Dang, See Those Leaves In The Grass? Yup, Summer Is Over Again And Fall Is Creeping In. So What Else Is Sitting There In The Grass? Why Those Are Peter Opsvik Ergonomic Chairs. Weird, Huh! Status: Already Gone.


Somehow Mr. M lucked into a FOUR day weekend.  Unfortunately that first day (Friday) was cloudy and cool, but at least I found these fantastic teak Balans chairs, all in great condition.  Their very pretty blue upholstery, contrasting against the beautiful teak frames made up for the otherwise dreary day.


In production since 1983, the Gravity Balans chair is quite something to behold!  There appears to be four distinct positions of use for this chair.  Lean all the way forward with your knees on the lower pads and you're sitting in an ostensibly backless ergonomic office chair.  Lean back a little and you no longer need the knee pads - sitting in normal comfortable office chair.  Lean back a bit more and you are now in a reclined position - great for reading or watching TV.  One more position back and you're napping...or having dental work done.


The Variable Balans chair is a bit earlier design having been around since 1979.  I'm not sure when this variation was designed but I do like it Much more than (what I suppose is) the original bent wood design.  I'm guessing that since you're reading this blog that you too appreciate the sculptured legs on this design as much as I.  Well...I got this set out, shot some pics for the blog, decided to see if I could do a quick flip on them and as it turned out...after a short text conversation they have been forwarded to another shop here in St. Louis where I'm sure they will find a loving new home.  I would have loved to feature them in one of my booths, but I just purchased a new toy and want to spend the cash on that more than wait for a new owner to come along myself.


  1. Glad you flipped them MMT. I’m not a big fan of those ergo-chairs. Back in the 80’s my then wife demanded we buy a couple. OK, I obeyed and I’ll tell you that they’re the very worst for enjoying cocktails. I hated “mounting” them so they sat around for years, not being used and then I got rid of them; just like her. IH8MYX. ;) -midmichigan

  2. Wow, that is an exotic looking piece right there. A "machine for sitting" if ever there was one.