Monday, November 2, 2015

Not Hallowen Weekend (Mr M Was In New Orleans) But The Previous Weekend We Made It To The Litchfield "Pickers Market". Not Sure If That Description Is The Sellers Or The Buyers...But I Found Some Good Pickins'! Status: Available.

Again, we didn't find a whole lot there...but it's such a nice market with all kinds of great stuff including food and entertainment. If you get a chance to go next season I highly recommend doing so.

Like most of the flea markets around here, there's not a lot of Vintage Modern or Mid-Century to be had at The Pickers Market but if you look hard enough and have sharp negotiating skills, the bargains can be had. Point in case: Mod Rotary Phone! You might not find many items like this, but since this is true your bargaining power is better. The vendors are more focused than your average flea and the oddball items are easy prey.

While the vast majority of the vendors are hawking exactly what you'd expect here in the mid-west, there are quite a few booths with really cool industrial type stuff.  Even some of what might even be considered Steampunk...or at least what one might buy to produce steampunk items.  The good news is that items like this cool little industrial stool can be had withoout having to get there at the crack of dawn.  Not a whole lot of competition for these items in the middle of Illinois!

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