Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's Like A Freakin' Zoo Here In The Modtomic Driveway With All These Gazelles. Gazelle CHAIRS That Is! I Managed To Snag A Whole Herd Of Shelby Williams Aluminum And Wood Side Chairs Recently And They're Already Being Worked On. Status: Gettin' Some Love.

The Shelby Williams "Gazelle" chair is another of those mid century modern classic designs that I didn't even realize was on my "bucket" list until I spotted a cadre of them on craigslist last week.

A quick look at those oh so svelte aluminum legs and it's easy to see why these chairs were dubbed Gazelles.  About 5 or 6 years ago the Girlfriend and I spotted a lovely set of these in a shop down in New Orleans.  I was immediately smitten with the clean Jetson's-y design.  I had never seen them before and haven't really seen them since, until I spotted an ad on craigslist and immediately recognized the design.

So yeah, I did say that I picked up a whole herd of these right?  Eleven total!  But what I did was, I traded some of them for work on four that I want for myself.  Our good buddy Jeff (who vends out of Rocket Century) will be upholstering four of these for me and keeping the other 7 for himself.  Everybody wins!

Yeah, all that fit easily in the back of Frank the Focus Wagon.  The seller was once again amazed that I could find a way to fit all this loot in "just a Focus".  Then Jeff came by and picked up not only 7 of these, but we managed to stuff four Peabody chairs and a folding teak deck chair into the back of his vehicle.  Yep, he's gonna be busy for a while.  You'll get to see all the fruits of his labors soon.  Stay tuned for the dramatic conclusion!

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