Sunday, November 8, 2015

See That Label? Means A Lot To Us, Right? Not So Much To Someone In New Orleans With A Couple Cans Of Paint And A Bright Idea. But Again, There Ain't Nothin' That Can't Be Saved, Right? Begs The Question: Should It Be "Saved"? Status: (Update) Already Gone.

Funny little story about this little Knoll stool: I spotted it many years ago in New Orleans at another shop at the far west end of Magazine Street.  I had hoped at the time that the seller would let it go for cheap since they obviously didn't have a clue of what it was.

I can't recall if they just didn't want to sell it at all or if they were asking too much but whatever the reason I didn't get to bring it home.  The reason I knew what it was, was because I had purchased a pair of these at a huge antique mall called St. Mary's about 60 miles south of St. Louis a few years before I started this blog.  I moved those stools on not long after finding them but not before learning that they were Florence Knoll stacking stools (they had no label).

So I wasn't able to buy this stool years ago, but I spotted again at the small antique mall on Magazine Street that my mother hawks her wares from in New Orleans.  This time it had just the right price on it and I snatched it up.  I'm thinking about stripping the paint off and restoring the plywood top.  What do you think?  Is the art worth saving?  It reminds me of a St. Louis local artist: Wayne St. Wayne, though not as accomplished IMO.


  1. ugh, I love the legs but that top is a mess. If you can salvage it it might be worth it!

  2. never understand why people do such things to such lovely pieces :