Thursday, November 5, 2015

What A Piece Of Crap! Who In Their Right Mind Would Not Only Pay Cash Money For This But Then Toss It In The Back Of Their Car And Bring It Home From New Orleans? This Guy! And No, I Wasn't Drunk On Hurricanes. Status: Project.

"Why?", you ask. Because: Knoll. Because: Schultz. Because: well...a little crazy! But c' could I leave it behind?

Yeah, it's a little rough.  But ain't nothin' that can't be fixed with enough love.  All the bones are there and solid...not to mention the tag is intact!  How often do you find a Richard Schultz chair in New Orleans on Magazine street for next to nothing?  Not often...and not often enough!  I don't go to The Big Easy with the intent of finding booty.  I normally take a load with me to leave behind in my wake!  This trip though, both!

A single chair isn't much use in my world...except as a desk chair.  And it just so happens that I have a couple of matching Knoll / Richard Schultz tables (also in need of much love) that one of which would make a great desk!  Man, I've got tooooo many projects!  I just couldn't let this sit out in the elements and die a slow death!  Stay tuned to see if I can actually rescue it.


  1. Hi Mr. Modtomic. Love your stuff and love your spirit. Certainly curious about this sow's ear😉. I have a vintage low, round lounge chair that I need to part with. I love it, but I downsized and it's just too big. I'd love you to take a look. It could be a Milo Baughman, but I can't find a label.

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  3. haha am I missing something?! No way this can be rescued. If it ends up working out, you should reupholster it the color this this green bench I found on Trove: mid-century green bench