Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another Item Crossed Of My List. I Finally Found A Vintage Koch And Lowy Reading / Pharmacy Lamp! Not An Easy Find It Seems...Unless You're Looking In My Booth At The Time Machine Antique Mall. Status: Available.


I see tons of similar brass floor lamps at the thrift stores all the time, but a real Koch and Lowy? Not so much. This one turned up on craigslist and sat there for a few days before even I noticed it. Hard to believe I was the only one to notice it.


Some of the lighting pieces in my booth at The Time Machine Antique Mall were recently snatched up so finding this gem was a nice windfall.  Gotta have some pretty lighting in your antique mall booth.  Overhead fluorescent lighting does the job of keeping people from bumping into everything, but it's so institutional.  Using warm 15w compact fluorescent bulbs in a couple of lamps in your booth helps keep that at bay.


While I'm sharing little bits of advice about antique mall lighting I may as well share this: you can find super cheap compact fluorescent bulbs at your local goodwill...or at least around here you can!  4 for a Dollar!  That's cheap enough to not have a problem letting what used to be a petty expensive bulb, go with just about any price lamp you might have in your booth.  I buy some just about any time I'm taking a thriftbreak and buy something else.


Make sure you buy the warm style and not the sun light style.  It makes a huge difference.  As warm as a brass lamp might look with the bulb off, a super white light will chill it right out!  The Time Machine Antique Mall mandates 15w compact fluorescent bulbs in any additional lighting, which makes sense since you wouldn't want too much more brightness on top of the overhead lighting, so being able to get cheap bulbs at the Goodwill and St. Vincents is such a stroke of luck.  The same bulbs at Big Lots?  $8 for Four!

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