Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Almost Forgot About These Smalls From The Rutledge Flea. I Love The Diversity Of Items One Can Acquire At The Flea Market. Need A Ceramic Panther TV Light? Check! Mid Century Modern Candle Sconces? No Problem! Status: Available.


It's kinda crazy the difference in finds between my first visit to Rutledge and this, my second visit. Heck, I thought I was done with this haul last time I posted Items from that flea and here I am with more!


In all my flea market / thrift store / estate sale going days, I've never found one of these ceramic TV lamps in good shape cheap enough to flip.  They seem to be like those sets of Pyrex mixing bowls where in everybody prices them exactly the same no matter where you find them...IF you can find them!  This one is in beautiful condition and works like a charm.  I dropped it off @ the Time Machine Antique Mall and didn't put such a precious price on it...if you're interested.


This was actually a thrift store find that I managed to unearth while setting up to take these pics.  Our house is like an estate sale...that hasn't been set up yet.  I remember buying this and thinking what a fantastic color of blue on the lid and foot of the bowl.  I took this with me to the Time Machine, but I think I forgot to take it inside and tag it up yesterday!  Too much on my mind I guess.


I nearly passed up on these at Rutledge.  I really didn't think I'd be able to get them home undamaged.  They made it home AND to the antique mall unscathed and in One...wait Two(?) pieces.  If someone out there is working on period decor for their Atomic Ranch, it's pieces like this that really make the difference.  Big items like sofas and dressers are pretty easy, but the devil is in the details.  These ARE the details!

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