Friday, September 18, 2015

Mr. M Loves Some Eye-Talian Chrome And This Little Two Seat Sofa Really Delivers. Picked This Up This Morning And It Was So Clean I Was Able To Drop It Straight Into My Booth At The Green Shag Market. Status: Available!


I don't know if this piece has any particular designer name attached to it (I couldn't find any while at work today) but I think it may be manufactured by the same company that made my LC3s that I still have.  Anybody ever seen this style before?


This small sofa or love seat flaunts a lovely strong and lightweight chrome plated steel frame.  I love that the sofa's frame is integrated into the aesthetics.  The cushions are all easily removed in case a fort needs to be built.  The diminutive legs make it easy to sweep all the cat hair up off the floor...what, you don't have tons of cat hair?  What's that like?


The upholstery looks to be in superb condition.  I dig the sorta 70s geometric pattern.  I was always better at geometry than algebra.  The warm colors are a perfect contrast to the cool chrome.  While I know that it's so not a Milo Baughman design, it certainly is of his style.  I wish there was some tag other than just the "Made In Italy" sticker.  I sure would like to know who made this AND my LC3s!


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