Thursday, September 17, 2015

Vendors Camp Out At The Rutledge Flea Once A Month...Some Do It In Vintage Style. Check Out The Russel Wright Lawn Chairs These Folks Are Sporting! Wanna See A Few More Items I Picked Up Here Last Weekend? Status: Available.


Too bad this flea is only once a month.  Actually, it's probably a good thing.  40 minutes each way to Wentzville is nothing to the round trip to northern Missouri.  Still have no idea why it's even where it is.  What's even up there?


What's this?  A cute little bullet planter?  Who'd have thought I'd find one of these in the middle of seemingly nowhere?!  I was surprised not only to find one at all...but to find one with the "bullet" intact, a first.  I've actually got a few of the steel frames sans planter floating around here, just in case.


Yeah, it's not in pristine condition.  The frame is kinda rusty and there are a few cracks in the plastic, but it presents well and the frame could always be further cleaned and painted.  For a would be collector of such niceties, this would be a nice start.  Both of these items have been dropped off out in St. Peters at The Time Machine Antique Mall.


I saw this and though "perfect size for a bowl of ice cream!"  Maybe even for a bowl of Captain Crunch or the cereal of your choice, I guess.  It's now marked, but it's a good heavy bowl and I love both the color and the drip glaze around the rim.  This piece is in perfect condition.


Pretty much everything I've brought home from Rutledge has been smalls like this, except for one item in particular: a Bogen / Manfrotto 3046 tripod with a 3063 fluid pan head.  One of the best deals I've ever gotten at a flea.  It's pro equipment that would have otherwise been prohibitively expensive, but that is now a welcome addition to my arsenal of photo / video equipment.  Get out to your local never know what you'll find!

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