Saturday, September 26, 2015

Yeah, I Know...They're Not Vintage, But They Are Out Of Production Ikea Lillberg. Ikea? Again, I Know...But We Takes Whats We Can Gets, And I Gotta Admit That It's A Great Looking Set! Status: Available.


This fine accumulation of Ikea living room furniture has recently made it's way to my booth at The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  Can you believe I was able to fit all of this into the back of Frank?  Of course I didn't go crazy and try to close the hatch...but I might have been able too.


The irony here is that Ikea is cocked and ready to blow as their store is preparing to open here in St. Louis next week, but will you be able to find a set of Lillberg like this there?  Nope.  So if you happen to appreciate the simple style of this line and don't mind it being second hand (cuz well, that's the only way you'll find it now), maybe take a look at what I've got here in booth 307.


Kinda neat how the seat backs lean back like that, right?  I haven't tried it but I think these might lay all the way down to make a bed.  I've seen them folded flat on the web.  Also, because the cushion covers are white (???) there are a few discolorations, I've looked into replacement covers and it turns out that there is a company called that makes replacements in various colors, prints and fabrics.


If the set doesn't sell as is, I may buy a set of replacement covers myself and bump up the asking accordingly.  It's not that the cushion covers are all that bad...but really, who has white livingroom furniture?  It's just not a good idea!  And I'm sure the covers could even be cleaned with a good laundering, which I will do before going to the extent of buying new ones.  Ritt dye might even be an option before new covers.


This whole haul had to happen Friday before work, but at least it was a lovely and cool morning.  It was a lot of work, but I didn't have to shower afterward like so many summer time hauls.  We've had a pretty nice summer over all, I think.  Summer in St. Louis can be brutal with the Gulf humidity and strong storms out of Oklahoma and Kansas.  But no rain or heat Friday.  Worse, alarm clock to get me out of bed early enough to drive downtown to pick up the set!


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