Friday, September 25, 2015

Sometimes I Do Things Out Of Order. I Searched Images On The Internet For About An Hour Trying To ID This Vintage Fluorescent Desk Lamp...And Then I Took A Second Look At The Lamp For A Label. Oh, It's Got A Fostoria Sticker. Status: ID'd.


So yeah, ID success!  Yet still, I cannot find another Fostoria 1950s desk lamp like this on the webernets.  I know I've seen this particular lamp around before so I thought it'd be easy to find a couple online.  Not so much.


The base of this work light, as well as the cantilever design, reminds me of those M. G. Wheeler "UFO" desk lamps...but there is no relation.  The base is just a flat square piece of plate steel that has some pretty serious heft and provides excellent stability.  The simplicity adds to the modern aesthetic.


The lamp uses a pair of fluorescent tubes and they both worked when I found this at a little thrift store over in Belleville last weekend.  That and the excellent condition of the finish once again surprise me since most donated items aren't handled with kit gloves by either the donor or the thrift store.


So now I've just got to find some time to tag this and drop it off at one of my booth spaces.  Maybe this weekend.  The booths have been sucking up a good part of my free time lately.  Tomorrow will likely find me bringing in a bunch of living room pieces to The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur...but I've already got a cool desk lamp available there, so maybe down at The Green Shag.  We'll see.

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