Monday, September 14, 2015

Posting Has Been Sparse, But Lots Of Good Stuff Has Been Flowing To The Booths. Check Out This Great Mid Century Modern Pole Lamp With Rattan Shades. It's Down At The Shag. Status: Available!


I almost passed on this beauty when we first spotted it at the Wentzville flea a couple weekends back.  We actually did an entire run through the flea before coming back to it for a second look.


On that second look I realized that it was a little bit special and even though the asking was higher than I would normally like at the flea, money was exchanged and it went into the back of the Girlfriend's GTI.  Note that the "pole" part of this pole lamp is made of actual wood!  Not something you really see much in this type of lamp.  And it's in really good condition.  If we didn't just acquire a new George Nelson bubble style pole lamp for ourselves, I'd be inclined to keep this.


Even the base has a disk of real wood over the steel base!  A number of larger items had moved recently out of booth 44 here and I was getting a finger shaking from the staff for having a barren space, so this and the second Jacobson style egg chair made there way in to take up the slack.  It was tough keeping one booth filled when I first started, now I've got THREE to manage!  At least they are all about the same distance from home.

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