Saturday, September 5, 2015

No, It's Obviously Not An Arne Jacobson Egg Chair By Fritz Hansen...But It's Still A Fun Swivel Chair "In The Style Of". It's Origin Is A Mystery Since I Cannot Find Another Like It On The Web. Status: Avaiable.


I've actually got a PAIR of these with one already in my booth at The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur and the other waiting for a place to put it.  They needed a good vacuuming but turned out to be much nicer than I thought from looking at the craigslist pics from whence they came.


I had to drop by the booth in Creve Coeur anyway to take some additional photos of the bedroom set that you can see in the background, so since I had this one of the two twin chairs with me...this is where it got dropped off.  When I picked up the pair, they were kind of a mess.  I had to vacuum them out and while messing with that I discovered the previous owners had shimmed the bases to make them sit more upright.  More upright?  I KNOW!!!  I removed the shims and they are now much more comfortable.


Note the sturdy and stylish base.  These were not cheap knockoffs.  I wish I could find where they came from, but I've spent a bit of time looking for a match and came up empty handed.  And what do you think of the fabric?  At first I thought it was Holstein cow pattern, but a co-worker pointed out that it looks more like a Dalmatian dog.  Wait, what exactly did Cruella De Vil want to do with all those puppies?!

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