Monday, September 21, 2015

More Small Scores From The Rutledge Flea In Northern Missouri...And I've Still Got Other Stuff To Show! Turns Out That Friday Might Not Be The Day To Attend. Saturday Had More Vendors. Status: Available.


It's both a beautifully sculpted piece of walnut AND a lovely religious figure.  I'm not a particularly religious fella but I just can't seem to resist modern religious art.  Go figure.  This piece and a terrific Russel Wright casserole made their way to the booth in The Time Machine Antique Mall recently.


I'm so happy that the artist labeled the bottom as they did, but I do wish that they had dated it as well.  They even labeled the type of wood.  Man, some serious work went into this piece.  Lots of sanding and polishing.  Crazy how it made it through the box up and flea market machine without damage.


And the lovely Madonna isn't the only pretty little thing I dropped into the booth here at the Time Machine.  Finding undamaged Russel Wright Steubenville ANYWHERE is a tough gig, but especially at a flea.  This seafoam green casserole was purchased from the same vendor that offered up the big pink bowl that I featured a few days ago.


That color is so beautiful.  No chips, flea bites (ugh, flea bites...) or cracks.  Again, amazement.  For real, it's just as amazing that it made it home with me in the back of the car with all the other stuff and didn't get damaged.  You ever get home from the flea market and have to go through the bags just to recall what all you bought?!


That's part of what makes a good flea market good...arriving home to a Christmas morning like unload!  What's in the bag?  What's in the box?  Ever find a small item under the seat of your car weeks later?  I have!  I cleaned up an item from this haul last night and when I took the lid off of it I found another item that I had put inside for safe keeping!  I thought that I might have lost the smaller item in the black hole that is the back of the Focus Wagon and was completely surprised to find it under that lid!


  1. I can relate very well to your comments about unloading the car after a flea market trip. It is really exciting to discover these treasures over again. Thanks for the nice posts. I had heard of the Rutledge Flea, quite frankly forgot. I must check it out.

    1. I can hardly wait for the next one. I have to set a reminder on my phone's calendar so that I don't miss it.