Sunday, September 27, 2015

What The What? Two Livingroom Sets In Two Days? Yeah! Although THIS Set Is A Little More In Keeping With What Ya Might Expect 'Round Here. It's Got That Adrian Pearsall Look, But It's Not Craft Associates. Still, Good Lookin' Set, Right? Status: Available!


Funny story: before making my way downtown to pick up the Ikea set I featured yesterday I stopped by a Friday morning estate sale that happened to have a Pearsall sofa and couple of chairs.  I didn't go out early or anything and consequently the set had already sold.  I wake up Saturday morning, check craigslist and find This set!  What are the chances?


 Yeah, it's a little more chunky than a Pearsall design but it's got those lovely legs and a similar profile to that front edge.  Add that to the spectacularly caned arms and I think this set gives ol' Pearsall a run for his money!  And it's super sturdy.  This set will be around a Long time.


The staff down at The Green Shag have been asking me for ages to bring in sofas and the I've got this sofa and chair as well as the Italian chrome frame loveseat that I featured just a few days ago stuffed up into my smallish booth.  As a result I had to pull out a couple of Saarinen chairs...but no worries, they're still available.


I didn't look real hard for a label so I don't know who built this set, but the previous owner did tell me that it was purchased at the ubiquitous Lammerts here in St. Louis.  I'm operating under the impression that Lammerts was a store and not a manufacturer...but I could be wrong.  Anybody have any real info on that?  I mean, I guess this could have actually been made by Lammerts, right?



  1. Lammerts was a local St. Louis furniture store, not a manufacturer. They had a bad habit of taking the manufacturer's labels off the furniture they sold, and replacing them with Lammerts tags. Their store was originally downtown, then they moved to Clayton, on Ladue Road just east of 170. They went out of business in Clayton several years ago, and their space was an antique mall called Ladue Galleries until fairly recently.

    1. Hi Anony.

      Thanks for the additional info! I did a quick look on the web concerning the Lammerts label and learned that they had a huge building downtown here named after them, so I wasn't sure if that was a manufacturing facility or not.

  2. it definitely doesn't pass the sniff test as a Pearsall, but the wood looks amazing. is it teak?
    the front view looks great but from the side and back it has lost the plot for me. I am not a big fan of caning. and from the back, the bottom leg extending to the top isn't quite as elegant as it could be.

    1. Hi Anony.

      My guess on the wood is walnut. I love caning, but not so much the Octogan style. This type though, Mr. M likey!