Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oh Wow, This Is The Last Of The Rutledge Flea Market Goodies. And Good Stuff It Is Indeed. You All Know Mr. Modtomic Loves The Corning Ware Buffet Server Stuff, Right? Status: Tossed On The Pile.


Christ, I really don't even know how much of this Buffet Server stuff I have right now!  I need to get it all together one of these days and do a tally I guess.  Well, add Two more really cool pieces to the lot!


Two different vendors proffered up these beautiful slick white pieces.  This kettle is the first I've seen of such an item.  It's so great that this line is so durable, both the kettle and skillet were covered in a tenacious layer of dirt, but both turned out looking utterly unused!  All I probably need now is a nice size dutch oven!


I really have no idea what this is or how to properly describe it.  It's a shallow pan...that is a frying pan when a handle is attached (remember, these all can have a handle attached or removed) what rests on a fitted West Bend electric hot plate.  And does that hot plate get hot enough to cook or is it just a warmer?  Did you notice the removable silver thing there in the bottom of the pan?  What is that called...and what is it for?  Steaming veggies?  I guess it's pretty obvious that a master chef Mr. M is not!


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