Sunday, August 24, 2014

Danish Style Daybeds Are Always A Good Score. Finding One That Doesn't Creak When You Plop Down On It...Well That's Just Icing On The Proverbial Cake. The Trade Off? It's Contemporary, Not Vintage. Status: Available.


Who knew that anyone still made this type of stylish simple daybed?  Moreover, who thought it'd have a steel frame that will be solid for about a hundred years.  Being contemporary, the cushions are of modern materials that will also last a long time but the backrests aren't quite as structured as you'd find on a vintage piece.


It may be contemporary, but it is used.  I picked these up from Plaza Frontenac, "an upscale, 

two-level, enclosed, regional shopping center in the Frontenac area of metropolitan St. Louis".  I 

assume these were used as seating in the public areas between the snooty shops.  I also assume that 

since I can't find these online that they are commercial, so there's lots of life in the cushions.  I was 

hoping to have dropped these off in my booth Friday just after picking them up, but alas...the seller 

(Plaza Frontenac) had a water main break and all the available staff were on that problem when I 

showed up.  So it took a little longer than expected for procurement and I had to abandon my plan...

which meant I had to drive to work with my score sticking out the back of Frank.  At least there 

wasn't a chance of rain in the forecast!


And what's better than finding one cool looking Danish style daybed that'll last forever?  Finding

TWO!  Yeah, I've got a matching pair of these available.  Well, they will be available a little later

today.  I've still got to get them down to the booth at Creve Coeur Antique Mall.  I've got my work

cut out for me, trying to shoe horn this pair of daybed sofas in the booth.  I'll find the room, but who

knew I'd ever get to the point where I am hurting for space!


The unfortunate truth about the upholstery is that these were out in direct sunlight and the upholstery

has faded.  It has, at least, faded evenly and is only obvious when the backrest cushions are removed. 

The back and bottom of the backrest cushions and the part of the seat cushion they rested on are

noticeably darker than the exposed areas.  Since these are otherwise very well constructed sofas that

will last a long long time, I could see someone going the extra mile to have these re-upholstered

eventually.  They could easily be used as is for a long time too since the upholstery on them is only

faded, not ripped or torn or even very worn.  I'll leave that up to the next owner though.  Check 'em

out at The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur if ya interested.

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