Tuesday, August 12, 2014

While Not A Bust, I Was Certainly Hoping - If Not Expecting - To Find More Treasure Along The 127 Corridor Worlds Longest Yard Sale / Flea Market. A Good Time Was Had Anyway And Much Was Learned. Status: Done.


Sadly, it will be years...YEARS before I believe I will be able to attend the fantastic 127 Corridor yard sale / flea market again.  It's a scheduling conflict with work.  Why do all the great things happen during the first week of the month in which they take place?  I can't take the first week of ANY month off!


So this was the first year that the timing worked out well enough to allow me to check out this 127

Corridor sale.  If you've never done it, but you enjoy yard sales and flea markets, you've got to check

it out.  This sale above was our very first stop.  Dig that beautiful / cliche corn field!  Too bad that

vintage aluminum gurney was already sold.


Yeah, you just never know what you're gonna find at the random sales you'll encounter along

highway 127.  I doubt that anyone ever makes it from one end to the other since it's now 690 miles

long and still only takes place at most over one week.  Even if you're only going to traverse a small

section you'll probably not be able to stop at Every sale along that route.


There are stretches that we drove that were densely vended and there were miles after miles of

nothing, and that's a great part of doing this road trip...it's much like going to a flea market of flea

markets!  You have to keep looking for that next sale and hope that it'll have all the great stuff.  I love

that hunt and I wish I would have had better intel. on what to look for where.


And there was the rain.  I feel like we still got pretty lucky in that it only rained on us for real for

about 15 minutes.  But it rained a little everywhere either before or after we were there.  We could

have avoided all the rain if we had gone north off of highway 70, but I felt like we might not find as

many sales up there as in the center section.  Note that Big Boy statue.  His skin is blue! 


The back of the car doesn't look very full on our way home, but there are a lot of small items in those

green bins.  I did come close to buying a fantastic polished aluminum airplane wing desk but though

better of it.  There just wasn't a lot of big desirable items to be found.  And then, just 50 or so miles

from home we hit a stand still on the highway.  That last pic is from the car while waiting for traffic

to start up.  I couldn't wait so I plowed across the median and drove back a few miles to an exit and

took the secondary two lane blacktop a good way home.  Still no idea what that was all about, but

sadly we arrived home to find that there was a police shooting of an unarmed citizen that sparked

some fairly serious looting and riots in Ferguson / Delwood, only about 5 miles from home.  Scary,

Sad and Somewhat Embarrassing.


  1. Zombie Big Boy. He's got a devilish big grin while he's eyeing you up. I hope you made it out of there alright.

    1. Hi Klaus.

      Zombie Big Boy. I might should have picked him up with the popularity of zombies today. I was thinking more petulant child at the time.

  2. Great post, MMT! I bet it was a blast. Just wondering, is it just hit and miss to find MCM stuff or do they have the market in designated sections? Stay safe during these turbulent days.

    1. Hi Anony.

      It was a whole bunch of fun. We found finding MCM somewhat difficult. Remember, we only did maybe 100 to 120 miles of the 690 total, so your results may vary...but I'd estimate only about 5% of what you'll dig through will you be willing to classify as MCM. Then think about how much MCM you'll take a pass on and you can see how difficult it will be to fill a car! My advice is to maybe not be real picky, you're not likely to run out of space. By the by, the "turbulent days" are only about 7 miles from the home here, but seem to be staying there for the most part. The news sensationalizes events such as those in Ferguson to keep people watching...it's how they pay the bills. It's not nearly as big a deal as they are trying to have you believe.