Friday, August 22, 2014

How Many Times Have You Spotted A Lamp Like This At An Estate Sale Only To Find A NFS Tag On It?! At Least 'Round Here They LOVE To Keep These All To Themselves. Status: Availbable.


Makes sense.  These are great for lighting a display of goodies at an estate sale.  They also do the trick if you're just needing a little illumination to read by in your favorite nook.


Each lamp head has it's own switch so that the user has complete control over the lighting.  Some of

these lamps have one Three way switch which give you a couple combinations of heads but

ultimately leaves one wanting.  Also kind of a rare find, this tall three way floor lamp is in white.  I

almost always find these in black or sadly, avocado.  I know I should probably have embraced

avocado ( the color, not the fruit - I LOVE the fruit!) but I just can't.  If it were more like the

contemporary avocados out there today I would love it, but that drab avocado of the late '60s?  No



Oh, and look how at home this loverly retro floor lamp looks next to the Russel Wright folding chair! 

Nice, right?  I was surprised to find the cones in good condition with only minor scratches here and

there.  There is some rust on the base but c'mon, who looks at the base?  Everybody will be too busy

swooning over the upper half of this beauty to notice so I thought it might be a good idea to mention

it.  I've already tagged this and dropped it off at the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur so hopefully it'll

find a new home soon.

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