Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dorothy Thorpe Style Booty (Ha, That's Kinda Funny) From The Worlds Longest Yard Sale, The Famous 127 Corridor Flea Market. As You Can See, You Can Find Good Stuff If You Are Persistent Enough. Status: In The Booth!


This nice little haul of chrome rim bar ware came from two different sources along highway 127 but both sets were great bargains.   I would normally keep (horde?) this stuff for my own bar collection, but I think I've got enough.  Time to spread the wealth so these pieces are available in booth 307 at The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.


None of the Dorothy Thorpe collection has chrome like these...especially this chrome fade that you

see on the decanter and five wine glasses above.  It's crazy to find such a lovely set and in excellent

condition at a random roadside pop up yard sale.  I thought that when I unwrapped these that I'd find

water spots all over them since it was drizzling on them when the vendor wrapped them up in

newspaper for me but no, I guess that the newsprint absorbed all the moisture and dispersed it!


These are kind of a standard for a mid century bar.  They aren't quite big enough to be called lowball

glasses, but still larger than a shot.  Great for a sipping libation like Tuaca.  Never had Tuaca?'s tasty!  With a set like this you can serve it in style, sharing it with five of your closest

friends.  You want your five closest friends to know what a great sense of style you have don't you? 

Worry not, Mr. M has ya covered.  That is, if you can get by the booth.  Sorry, I still don't ship!

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