Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Third Piece Of Broyhill Sculptra This Week! AND This Is The Second Sculptra Knee Hole Desk That I've Made Available. The Last One Found A New Home All The Way Up In Chicago! Status: Already Gone.


Just behind the desk you can see the full size bookcase headboard that also came with all the Sculptra that I just dropped off in booth 307 at The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur.  Now you know why it took me FIVE hours to bring all this in, clean it all up, photograph it and tag it!  That's just a lot of big furniture!


You might remember this style desk from a previous post nearly Four Years Ago!  Geez I've been

doing this a long time!  I'm not one to count on trends but some of my compatriots believe that since

school is starting that now is a great time to be offering desks.  Me, I can never seem to suss out any

sort of trend concerning...anything really!


Well ain't that fancy?!  The back of the Broyhill Sculptra kneehole desk is not only finished, but it has

a very nice modesty panel.  This makes the desk more of an executive desk where one might have

others sitting across from the user.  I find it amazing that the caned or rattan modesty panel is still in

excellent condition.  It's the most delicate piece on the desk!


I haven't had time to clean up the bookcase headboard yet.  It's a full size.  Does anyone still use a full

size bed?  I can't imagine sleeping in anything smaller than a queen.  Maybe for a child's room.  I do

wish there was an easy way to convert it to a media stand like I did the United Furniture headboard I

did a while back.  That piece found a new home quick!  We'll see what happens to the headboard.  I'm

going to have to think about it a while.


  1. Use the full size headboard with a queen size bed. My Sculptra headboard is full on a queen. Looks fine.

  2. How much is this desk? Can you ship to Canton, MI? If so, how much for shipping?

  3. Darn, it's a beautiful desk but as Sheryl, I'm in MI too. Love the curved up sides of the top; it would keep my cocktails from sliding off. - midmichigan