Sunday, August 10, 2014

While Tooling South On 127 Through Cincinnati Ohio We Stumbled Upon A Little Shop Full Of Vintage Modern Treasures Called Object By Modology. Status: Welcome Distraction.


Sadly, there just wasn't much by way of vintage modern to be had along the section of the 127 Corridor World's Longest Flea Market / Yard Sale that we managed to scavenge this trip. That's not to say I failed to fill a good portion of Franks back end, but when we spotted this joint, it was like a fresh of breath air!


Keith, the proprietor of Object by Modology, was just as nice and welcoming as can be. We

hung out and chatted for ages about the stuff as well as the business. Turns out he had

just moved into this space recently, lucky for us otherwise we'd have missed out. Not only

does Keith hunt and gather but he also produces some very cool art and transform some of

the pieces he finds. His business is located along a fairly hip stretch of road with plenty of

other interesting joints to peruse. It looked like the kinda area that will eventually suffer

from it's own success, pricing out the type of businesses that are now making it a desirable

area to hang a shingle.


I didn't get to see much more of Cincinnati as just after leaving Object we switched driving

duties and I promptly passed out until we found our hotel for the evening. We had a

reservation at the Sleep Inn in Lexington Ky based on our previous experience with the

chain in Provo Utah. This room was a far cry from the Provo room. The only REAL issue I

had was the carpet. It was all wrinkled and gathered like it had gotten wet...which is the

conclusion we came to. Beyond that, the wall was a little battered by the front door, the

shower was a cheap plastic insert and one of the wall lamps flickered on and off after we

turned it off. We unscrewed the bulb for fear of an electrical fire. But, the bed was super

comfy and the television/cable worked flawlessly AND they had a great free breakfast

spread out for us before we it was pretty much a push.


  1. What a great find this store was! Wish I lived near it! Wonder if they have a website...

  2. Oh bummer! I wish I had known you were going to be traveling so far in my direction. I'm just outside of Louisville, I could have met up with you and the GF for dinner and/or cocktails and we could have caught up on things. I hope you had a good trip (aside from the hotel disappointment) and found some good treasures.

    1. Hi Kim.

      Dag, that would have been fun! Maybe next time we are out that way.