Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm Not Really Aching To Be Rid Of This Just Wore Enough To Finally Be Interesting Falcon Chair, But Space At Home Has It's Limitations So It's In My Booth At The Shag. Status: Everything Has It's Price.


I finally caved and replaced a vintage sofa we've been using for years with the MUCH more comfortable Gus Modern unit I was making available until recently. Since I also had the matching chair (and can't bear to break up a set) I had to shift the chair that WAS where the Gus piece needed to go. Hence the availability of the most prized (I guess not MOST prized) Sigurd Ressel Falcon chair.


It's like being asked "Which is your favorite child?"...and having to pick. It just kills me to let

this chair go! It's nearly everything I want in a chair. Lovely wood? Check. Broke in leather?

Check. True vintage? Check. Real comfort? Yep. This might possibly be as close to a

vintage Herman Miller / Eames lounger as I'll get. But my brain won't let me break up that

Gus set! I can't even consider having the couch in one room and the chair in another! If only

somebody had snatched the chair while it was at The Shag!


Well, the good news - at least for the Falcon chair - is that it Finally got a proper clean-up! I

bought the chair and have been using it as found since last I blogged about it some time

ago. It was fine but I was too embarrassed to offer it up in that state. The leather got a good

cleaning and Neatsfoot conditioning and the frame got a complete scrub down and

Howard's treatment. I had a hard time telling if the water dripping from the tip of my nose

was sweat or tears as I loaded it up in the back of the car . I'm sure I'm gonna miss it but I

know it'll go to a good home eventually. If not...I may just drag it back home again. 

Apparently I do that!

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