Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No No, I Didn't Start A Redwing Bobwhite Collection. I Picked Up This Set Along The 127 Corridor 690 Mile Long Flea Market. Am I Tempted To Keep It? Yup. Am I Going To Keep It? Nope. Status: In The Booth (307 CCAM).


This cute little family of Redwing Bobwhite serving pieces was about the second or third item we found on our fun little yard sale road trip through Ohio and Kentucky.  These came from a collector rather than a seller of random wares and were a welcome find.


I'm glad that this limited set was all the seller had.  I didn't want to get roped into another collection

of dinnerware.  I've got plenty, thanks!  Of course I LOVE Redwing Bobwhite and many other

Redwing patterns but a brother's only got so much room in the china cabinet...and time to rotate it. 

These will fare so much better in another home with a proper collection. 


The Girlfriend really wanted to keep the salt and pepper chicks for her personal collection but I really

didn't want to break up the set.  I dropped them all off at the antique mall before she could get her

grubby hands on 'em.  I'm hoping they find a new home quickly.  She might run over there and grab

'em up otherwise.


I could hardly believe that none of the pieces were chipped or cracked when I found them.  I fully

expected the worst when I approached them.  What a pleasant surprise!  The hen figure was tagged as

a "Sugar Shaker" and I can see where they maybe got that idea, but mostly it's labeled as a hors

d'oeuvres server or display.  The idea is to stick bite size bits onto long picks which can be poked into

the holes on the back of the piece.  Seems kinda weird, but whatever...the sugar shaker idea seems just

as weird to me!

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