Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Check Out Some Cool Smalls I Harvested Over The Last Couple Days From The Local Thrifts. Gotta Keep Them Shelves Filled In The Antique Mall Booths. Status: Gettin' Tagged.


This is a nice little lot and sometimes it's the little things that count.  Of course, I found plenty of Big things lately too...and that's what pays the bills!


I've been getting real lucky in finding these Corningware Buffet Server pieces lately.  I still lack the

same luck in finding the clip on handles though.  These work just as well with or without the handles

though, so it's not much of an issue.  These are like the American version of Dansk Kobenstyle

cookware.  Alas, only available in sleek stylish white.


Now these really are small smalls!  That first little item was a bit of a mystery at first.  It was in a

plastic baggy with some other items at the thrift.  It took me a couple of ticks to figure out it was a

business card case...a pretty cool Brutalist business card case.  Then there's the bud vase.  It's a lovely

Lenox bud vase and has a great Danish Modern style.  And how many cheese boards have you passed

on at the thrifts because they are lacking their cheese knife?  Had to pick up this one...just in case.


This is the smallest print of this style (what IS this style?) I think I've ever found.  This one is by Griff

and it's of the Bridge on Seine.  I know...because it says so on the back.  I'd love to find a photograph

of this scene.  I don't know why but I just find that fascinating.

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  1. I would just call that painting style Bernard Buffet (sp?) style...