Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Dropped Some Amazing Chrome And Glass Shelves In The Booth / Room (307) At The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur This Evening. These Are The Coolest Shelves I've Come Across For The Booth So Far. Status: Cleaned And Installed


Is that not a grand set of shelves?  You see, I'll only put glass shelves in my booths at the antique malls as they let light through and make the items on them much more visible.  I had some wood (ish) shelves in the booth at The Green Shag Market and was never happy with them.


I found these lovey chrome and glass shelves on craigslist last Friday.  They spent the weekend plus

the last few days in our foyer waiting for me to get them over to Creve Coeur.  They were a bit to

awkward to clean up here at the house so I figured I'd clean them up in the booth while assembling

them.  Sadly, I've got more room to work there.


Oh, did I fail to mention that I have a PAIR of these incredible etageres?  Yes, I was able to fit BOTH

of these in the back of Frank (the Focus wagon) and shut the hatch.  Of course I had to take them

apart, but it was just a quick couple of screws.  Still, these are quite tall and I had to rest the upper

"hoop" on the top of the front seat headrests.


I've still got all the other shelves in the booth.  I've barely even started to utilize the shelf space.  It's

difficult to fill all those shelves with smalls!  I REALLY need to go through the house and tag up all

the random items that I'm not trying to keep.


Oh yeah, and I DID manage to get the swing arm desk lamp into the booth today!  I dropped off a

few of the other smalls that I've picked up lately too, but it's no match for all the space I've got in this

big ol' booth.  If I had the number of smalls I have in here in a normal size booth, it'd be overwhelming...

but in here it looks rather spartan!  I need to find that happy medium.

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