Wednesday, March 26, 2014

While Out On My "Rounds" Over The Weekend I Plucked This Big, Heavy, Fantastic Desk Lamp. It Didn't Have A Bulb In It And I Couldn't Test It...But It Was Worth Taking A Chance On. Status: It Works!


I had to run to the True Value hardware store late this evening to get an appropriate bulb for this beast.  It came sans bulb from the thrift and I really had no idea what type it was supposed to have.  Thanks True Value Sales Guy!  They's so smart 'n stuff.


This thing weighs maybe 15...20 pounds.  It has a ridiculous reach and it's like, industrial strength

steel.  This must have come from a lab or something.  It's not an average desk lamp.  But that's what

makes it so dang cool.


There's no manufacturer label on it...or really anything other than the UL underwriters label.  You'd

think there'd be at least a "what kinda bulb to buy" sticker or sumthin!  Luckily the guy at the True

Value took one quick look at it and pulled the right bulb off the rack for me.  He even pulled it out of

the package and popped it in to be sure.  Good man.


So yeah, it totally works so this mad beast is getting tagged up and taken to Creve Coeur tomorrow. 

I've actually got to stop by both Creve Coeur AND The Green Shag tomorrow so I'll be running

around all day.  Just another day in the life!


  1. I'm quite taken with that. Some days I really hate that I don't live in St. Louis. My husband's company has an office there though. Maybe we should move?

  2. When you say tomorrow do you mean Wednesday or Thursday?

    1. Hi seago., Yesterday...hmmm, Wednesday. It's hard to get that right 'cuz I try to publish just after midnight but it doesn't seem like it's the next day since I haven't hit the hay yet. Know what I mean? Anyway, the lamp is in the booth at Creve Coeur Antique Mall now!

  3. Those Handyman workers are awesome!

    1. Hi rebecca.

      Being a man, it's always very hard to ask anyone else for help...but when I do, it's gonna be at "the place with helpful hardware man"! Oh wait, that's Ace Hardware. Whatever.