Saturday, March 8, 2014

You Ever Pass Up An Item At The Thrift And Then Later Kick Yourself, Finding That If You Had Bought It You Would Have Been Ahead Of The Game? This Lot Consists Of Nothing BUT These Type Of Finds! Status: Stash.


Nothing here is a complete set.  Bunch of Corning Ware Buffet lids and a Dorothy Thorpe dip bowl all found at the local Goodwill last weekend.  You just never know when you're gonna find their counterparts, right?


I just almost can't pass up a nice piece of Dorothy Thorpe silver rimmed stuff.  This little dip bowl is

in perfect condition.  I find the large chip bowls all the time in less than ideal condition but you just

never know when a nice one is going to show up.  I do have a nice Georges Briard chip bowl with a

silver rim that could use this dip bowl.  Hmmm...I might even have a loose Thorpe chip bowl around

here somewhere.


I may end up having these Corning Ware Buffet lids for a while.  I don't really see the Buffet pieces

around very often, but if I ever find some without lids...and I bet they'd be cheaper as such...I can buy

them with impunity!  And I do love me some Buffet cookware!  Three sizes too, so I don't even have

to be careful about what pot or pan I find.


Bonus, a nice little lamp shade.  One of my glass heads is thinking she's the life of the party while

modeling it.  The shade is a clip on and I just don't find that many of those around.  I'm sure I've got a

lamp stashed away somewhere that will benefit from this little find and will consequently be tagged

up and taken out to Creve Coeur.  I've already got tons of lamps at The Shag so that booth doesn't

need another one at the moment.

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  1. Long time reader . I always pick up pyrex lids, the boyfriend is like "Why do you keep bringing home lids if you don't have anything for them to go on?" Me " But I will!"