Thursday, March 13, 2014

After Finding A Trio Of Loose Lids A Few Days Ago At The Thrift Store I Got Busy Looking For Some Corresponding Lidless Corning Ware Buffet Server Pots. Alas, No Luck. Status: Well, Some Luck.


Since I was in the Columbia Missouri area anyway I went ahead and stopped by the Midway Antique Mall again.  Last time there I picked up a nice Broyhill Brasilia 5 drawer chest that didn't last a little minute back here in my booth at Creve Coeur.  No big scores there this time, but I did find a few pieces of Buffet Server!


I was hoping to find a couple of lidless Buffet Server pots and pans in the endless aisles of the big

antique malls of mid Missouri.  Much to my chagrin I was only able to find complete sets.  Whoa is

me.  At least they were flea market cheap, well almost that cheap.  They were cheap

enough to surprise me!


Sadly there were no handles available.  There seem to be three styles of handles for these, at least that

I know of.  There's the ubiquitous classic.  It's all curvy and you'll find them just about everywhere. 

I've no use for these.  Then there's the more stylish and harder to find straight handle.  See the

difference here and here.  But there is yet another version that is a lot like the straight and stylish

piece but is even longer.  See all three styles here.  I've got a couple of the straight versions and even

a single longer version, but dang they's hard to find!  Probably about as hard as finding a lidless pot

or pan.  Maybe I'll get lucky this summer at the fleas.  Can't hardly wait!

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