Saturday, March 15, 2014

Got Some Goodies In The Mail Yesterday! Mod Betty From Retro Roadmap Sent The Girlfriend And Myself A Logo T-Shirt As Well As A Sticker Each. It's Good To Be Famous! Status: Fully Covered


Mod Betty of Retro Roadmap has featured some of the places and joints we've stayed at on her web page a couple of times over the years I've been blogging.  I'm always willing to share any good leads on places to visit or stay when we find them.  Now I can share her web page whenever I'm out and about!


The Girlfriend got a white T and I got a black.  We both got stickers for our cars too.  I taped mine

 inside the back window of Frank so that I can take it with me when this Frank gets retired.  You can

see some of the places we've been on vacation in recent years by taking a look at the back of Frank;

the Adirondacks / Lake George and last year, the Florida Keys.  I donned my new favorite black T

today and immediately it made me take a "selfie"!  No, not of me...but of it! 


So today, here in downtown StL. the new T had me taking Selfies of it all over the place!  So

embarrassing.  Here you can see the T in front of a large and brightly colored industrial sculpture in

The City Garden on Market Street.  If you squint you can see the Gateway Arch designed by Eero

Saarinen in the background of one of the pics.  That last photo is of the new black Retro Roadmap T

in front of the Wainright Building, one of the earliest skyscrapers and probably the first skyscraper

west of the Mississippi!  Sure, it's only 10 stories tall, but it's older than anybody alive today.  Isn't

that a weird thought?  Nobody's still around who saw this being built.  I'll leave you to ponder that

thought this lovely Saturday!

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  1. So glad the tees and stickers arrived safely and that your Retro Roadtees are already helping you share the sights! Always a pleasure to be associated with such rockin folks - thanks Mr. ModT!

    Ms. ModB :-)