Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dropping By The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur To Pay The Rent And Pick Up Last Months Check Paid Off In More Than One Way This Afternoon. Not Only Did A Hustla Get Paid, But He Also Snagged A Fantastic Grete Jalk End Table For Peanuts! Status: Who Needs Estate Sales.


The plan for this fine Saturday morning was to get up early enough to be at an estate sale just before opening.  The sale had lots of neat Vintage Modern goodies to be had, but nothing I couldn't live it wasn't a "stake out" situation.  Then that damn alarm went off...and then just got turned off.  Mornings?  No thanks.


I just couldn't do it.  I had to sleep in today.  I've been on a later shift at work and it's messed up my

sleep schedule enough...I didn't want to just end up cranky all day for lack of rest.  So I chose to forgo

the estate sale scene this morning.  Instead I rolled outa bed at the crack of 11 and we motored

downtown to Rooster for some much deserved (no, I don't know why either) brunch.  Mmmm...

Rooster is so good that the server told us that around 10am they had a wait of over an hour.  It's worth

it.  But we found that arriving after Noon means a much shorter wait.  In fact, we had none.  After

brunch we made our way to West County to drop by The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur so I could

meet my obligations and collect my rewards.


But c'mon, I'm at an antique mall...I can't just spend the whole time at the checkout counter!  I have to

(HAVE to!) make the rounds to see if maybe something slipped through the cracks.  Guess what,

something did!  Funny thing is, it was tucked under a table in my old booth.  At first I thought it was

just another Lane piece and flipped it over to find no maker's mark.  ::sigh::  Still, it looked like... 

something.  My limited memory coughed up Poul Jensen for Selig (who you may know for the lovely

"Z" chair), but that wasn't it...but it did get on the right track and while futzing around on Google

Images I came across the correct attribution: Grete Jalk for Glostrup Møbelfabrik.  I shamelessly 

haggled the price down a bit, not having found a comparable for value at the time.  Boy wasn't I 

pleasantly surprised once I found what little info I could.  There aren't any sold listings on eBay for 

this particular table so I'm still kind of in the dark, but my next point of exploration is 1stDibs...which 

I instantly dismiss and divide by like 3 to get anywhere near a real world value.  Still, I did pretty 

darn good.


  1. I have a similar table that is a Selig and square. Love the coved edges! I wish there was a way to find out what items 'really' sold for on 1st Dibs.