Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Only Thing I Found At The Belleville Flea Last Weekend Was This Comely Le Renoux Painting. ::Shrug:: It Was The First Flea Of The Season. You Can't Expect The Magic Right Away! Status: Hmmm...Undecided.


Not sure if I'm going to keep this or offer it up to the masses.  I feel like it's hard to let go of any of these original mid century modern paintings since it's becoming more and more difficult to find them.


Obviously it's not the subject matter that draws me to this painting.  What is it?  A Parisian street

scene?  I like to think this is New Orleans...but for real, even St. Louis was a French speaking joint

until like the 1800's...I think.  Actually, I'm just not sure about the year.  The French

happened.  No doubt.


I guess I do have a couple of prints around the house that I could let go of and replace with this.  I

mean, I do love NOLA.  And we did actually take a couple of carriage rides around the French

Quarter...and yes, I even enjoyed them (don't let that get out).  So maybe this should go up here in the

Modtomic Ranch.  We'll see.

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