Monday, March 3, 2014

Wow, Easiest Upholstery Job Ever? Quickest Before And After I've Ever Done? Or Just A Case Of Persistence And Patience Finally Pays Off? Years Of Waiting And These Cool Little Hoop Chairs Are Getting Their Due. Status: Well, Almost Anyway.


Heh, I know I'm only showing one, but I have a pair of these little retro hoop chairs.  I've had them for a couple of years and have always had plans to make new seats and upholster them...but like so many plans...well, you know.  So they've been quietly waiting on the front porch, useless.  But then I spotted something great at the Goodwill!


This is what the sad little chairs looked like when I got 'em.  I know...sad.  But they were a cheap

c-list score and I just had to have 'em!  I figured, "how hard could it be to fix these up?"  Sure, the

seat is completely toast but all I'd have to do is get a round table top, pad it and staple some material

over it.  But have I done that?  Nope.


What did happen was, I went to the Goodwill about a week ago.  I spotted a pair of what I guess are

stool seats sitting on a shelf.  I thought to myself, "I know I need those for something" but what...I

couldn't remember.  So I left them behind and didn't give 'em a second thought.  But they obviously

stuck in my brain 'cuz the connection was made while I was at work a few days later.


Crap, I thought...'cuz surely they'd be gone if I went back for them days later, right?  Well, not so

much.  I drop by this particular Goodwill near the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur and since I was there

dropping off some good stuff Saturday afternoon anyway...of course I'm going to drop by again! 

They were still there!  Sweet!


And they were cheap!  $4 each, and all I have to do is screw them to the frames.  Easy as pie.  Well,

actually...I'm going to have to clean up and shoot a new coat of Satin Black on the frames.  So I've

got to wait until the weather warms up for a couple of days.  Then I'll have this fantastic pair up and

ready for a new home, piece of cake!  So while it's been a few years in the making, this will turn out

to be the quickest and easiest before and after ever!

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