Thursday, March 20, 2014

This Is The Little Table That Brought The Girlfriend And I Up To The Springfield Il. Last Weekend. It's Glass And Lucite And Gots A Bit Of A Swirl Going On. Status: Available.


Isn't this a fantastic little side table?  I totally almost didn't get it too.  I spotted it on C-list and shot off a note to the seller.  They got back to me and said that it was already spoken for but that if the buyer flaked they'd gimme a hollah.


That convo happened two weekends back, but last weekend the seller shot me a note saying that the

buyer did indeed flake out!  Sweet.  Was I still interested in the twirly little side table?  Uh, yep. 

Would I flake out on an appointment to pick it up?  Uh, nope.  Was my craigslist karma in the green? 

I guess so!


So there probably isn't a heavy weight designer attribution to go along with this table but I did find a

couple of 1stDibs sellers who have the coffee table versions of this and think it's in the style of

Vladimir Kagan.  I can see what they're getting at.  Kagan does have the snail shell scroll coffee

tables in wood. 


I got a little more cleanup on this little guy and it'll go to the booth in Creve Coeur.  It's biomorphic

amoeba shaped glass top and lucite, or maybe acrylic snail shaped base will soon have a new home...

and it won't take the arm and a leg that those 1stDibs dealers are asking either.  If this is the kind of

stuff you like to find at your antique mall, make sure you let the staff know so they can find vendors

who can cater to you.  The more they know, the better they can serve!

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