Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Because Of The Lousy Weather Over The Weekend I Got Lucky And Was Afforded The Opportunity To Snatch This Industrial Style Factory Cart Coffee Table Today. But Was It That Easy...Of Course Not. Status: Still...It's Available.


This lovely...wait, that's not quite the right word, this is far too masculine for a word like "lovely".  This...gnarly(?) factory cart popped up on craigslist over the weekend and for some reason I didn't bite.  Maybe the seller lowered the price or something but when I spotted it again on Monday, I just had to have it.  She told me she had a couple buyers lined up over the weekend but they all bailed due to the bad weather.  Lucky me!


I shot an email early in the day on Monday but never heard back from the seller.  I had been trying to

score a sweet Lane Perception china cabinet since Sunday and hadn't heard back from that seller

either so I got a little nervous wondering if maybe my e-mails were going to spam files.  I shot the

seller of the cart another e-mail later Monday evening and finally got a reply.  She was all for me

coming by before noon so we made arrangements to meet at 11:30.  I set an alarm since I'm now

working a later shift for 10am.  I figured that was plenty of sleep...but the world thought otherwise.

The seller texted me at 7:35am to tell me another buyer wanted to meet at 11 so I just "manned up"

and told her I could just come by then. 


Ugh.  But 35 minutes later I was carefully tossing this in the back of Frank while dancing on a slick

sheet of ice.  And since I was already up I figured I'd just go ahead and drop it off in the booth out at

Creve Coeur!  Alas, the Creve Coeur Antique Mall doesn't open until 10am so I had a little while to

kill.  Good thing there's a Goodwill just up the street.  I even got lucky and found about a half dozen

smalls for the booth.  Unfortunately I was too tired to remember to photograph them, but at least I did

get some good pics of the Factory Cart coffee table!  Oh, and I did manage to snatch a quick hour and

a half nap before heading into case you was worried 'bout me!


  1. I'd use words like industrial and sturdy or even ruggedly handsome!!

  2. That's not my style per-se but it is a very distinctive piece - good find Mr. ModT!

  3. Always a fan of industrial and the leather chesterfield (sofa-U.S.) is a great piece as well.