Saturday, March 1, 2014

As Promised (On The Twitter), I Got Some Good Pics Of The Chesterfield That I Picked Up During The Week. This One Is SOOOO Close! It's A Nicer Vinyl Than Usual...It Almost Passes For Leather, And It's So Comfy. But Alas, I Still Want Leather So This One Too Is Headed To The Booth. Status: Available.


Whowee!  That's a good lookin' Chesty, right?!  That Oxblood Red is just the right color for a vintage Chesterfield.  Of course, it's vintage so it isn't perfect, but it's in pretty good shape none the less. It was missing a bun foot on the back but I've already got that covered.


The last time I picked up a Chesterfield I failed to give it a good once over and missed a one inch cut

in the seat and a missing button.  Not this time.  Even though I had to move quick (picked this up

before heading into work Thursday), I still made sure I knew what I was getting this time!  This one

is gorgeous and in really great shape.  Oh sure, it's got a scratch here and there but that's just par for

the course.


I had to run to the hardware store and pick up a pair of bun feet for the back of this before doing

anything with it.  No way was I going to put this in a booth with just three feet!  What, stick a bunch

of books under the back?  Uh uh.  I found the size feet I needed and went ahead and bought a pair so

they'd match.  I'm staining them and drilling them for screws and as soon as I get that done this is

going back in the car and down to The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.


The last two of these I've had I dropped into my booth at The Green Shag Market and they both

moved pretty quickly, but I wanna see how this one does at Creve Coeur.  That and it's getting a little

late to make it to The Shag and I've only got so much space there.  I've got tons of space in Creve

Coeur!  This will hardly make a dent!  I also picked up a Super Nice pair of sofa size painting today

and want to place one above this.  It's just so much easier there at Creve Coeur.

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