Friday, March 21, 2014

Well, I Finally Went And Did It. I Plonked Down The Cash (And No Small Amount Either) For A Curtis Jere Birds. What The Heck Is Wrong With Me These Days? This Is The Second Time I Dropped More Scratch Than I Normally Would For A Curtis Jere Piece Of Art! Status: Project.


When I dropped by the Green Shag Market last Sunday I took a little stroll around the mall with Karen (the owner) and just before leaving she asked if she could show me this piece she had just picked up.  Oh crap.  Of course, and just after getting a fat check.


So not only did I make a spur of the moment purchase but the piece isn't even "signed"!  Well, it

might be signed, but it may have been painted over at some point.  This particular Birds lookis like it

may have already been rattle canned in the past.  Yeah, then left out in the rain a couple times!  It's an

interesting....patina.  The upside of a questionable finish and no "signature" to be found is that I have

absolutely no issue hitting this with a new coat of Rustoleum!


See, it totally needs a to be painted!  This opens up a number of possibilities.  Since I'm thinking

about mounting this on the brick fireplace the color (or lack there of) White comes to mind.  I think

it'd really Pop.  Plus, have you ever seen a White Jere Birds In Flight sculpture?  Yeah!  Me either! 


  1. Gorgeous. No matter what you do with them, it's gonna look great!

  2. Actually....this thing was farm fresh from Louisiana..White birds (and i think its original and hasn't been shabbyfied).

    1. Ha! Look at that! A White one! C'mon though...can't we get some better pics? That's such a tease!