Monday, March 10, 2014

I Realize This Recliner Looks Black...But Alas It Is Not. Dark Blue. I Also Realize It Bears A Striking Resemblance To Many Of The Milo Baughman Designs...But I'm Not Sure It's A Valid Attribution. But You Never Know. New Attributions Come To Light All The Time. Status: Recent Acquisition.


Another roadtrip to Columbia Mo. today yielded some tasty goodies.  Featured this time is a luxurious leather and chrome steel recliner, or as I like to call it...nap chair.  This was listed on craigslist but not in the usual Furniture section.  I found it on the Household list and while I usually discount anything like this that is listed as being leather...the seller was spot on.


Yeah, I thought it was black too.  I can't even get a photo to look...not black!  I assure you, it is indeed

a dark navy blue leather.  The leather is in pretty good shape for a craigslist find.  There is some

discoloration about where the small of your back would be and there are some small ice pick spots

about where your left back pocket might rest. 


The wear and tear are appropriate for a used recliner and I'm not at all worried about that.  The

chrome is in great shape to, just wanting for a good scrub (which I haven't yet done).  When I stuffed

this in the back of Frank the seller and I heard what sounded like loose change tinkling around

inside.  Was it?  Nope...we finally found a big long screw hiding in there, and since it looked much

like all the other screws that were in their proper place I took a moment to figure out where it went. 

Found it.  But it'll take some work to get it back in it's place as it was less than ideally accessible.


So did I drive all the way to Columbia Mo. in the hopes of snagging just this amazing ultimate lounge

out recliner?  Not on your life!  I try real hard to hedge my bets by lining up a couple craigslist finds

AND making sure I stop at an antique mall...or three.  And so it was.  I did manage to pick another

chair while in the area and nab some good stuff at the antique malls, all of which you can expect to

see here in the coming days...obviously.


See?  Leather!  Even the dust cover on the bottom is leather.  That's quality.  They could have gotten

away with vinyl down there but they stuck with leather.  I'm stuck between just cleaning this up and

tying a tag to it or re-dying it black and keeping it for my very own (it's THAT comfortable!).  I

looked around a little on the web and re-dying leather might not be as big a deal as it would seem.  I

would just love to keep this if I can dye it black.  I'll ask around to see if I can find anybody else

around town who's done this.  I'd rather have a pro do it...if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, but I

might just try it myself.


See, not Thayer Coggin, but it is super solid and insanely comfortable.  Might this become the new

"Man Chair"?  Chances are good.  The decision will have to wait until post cleanup.  Oh, and hey...

did the Daylight Savings Time switch catch anybody else by surprise this morning?  I had told the

seller of another item in Columbia that I'd call to confirm our meeting today at 10am...but 10am was

actually 9am.  Ugh...that was way too early...but the reward / take was worth the unpleasantness!

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  1. I have used Fiebing's Oil Dye for dying leather and it works great! I have also used Meltonian in spray form which works well if you do it right. Both can be bought online, try Tandy's leather or google. I say dye the chair and keep it. A comfortable, good looking recliner is a rare find.