Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Haven't Been By The Green Shag Market In A While? Ohhhh...Look At All The Pretty Chairs You're Missing! Better Get Down There If Ya Likin' What Ya Seein'. Status: Available.


These pics are already a couple days old and I can't guarantee that any of these fantastic chairs are still available...especially this grey leather bouncy lounge chair.  That is one good lookin' chair, and it was bargain priced IMHO.  The Shag was closed Monday and Tuesday, so it might still be available!


I was at The Shag Sunday just before closing to collect my check and drop off that fantastic Lane

lamp table (with the cane lower shelf) and while I walked around I started noticing all these great

chairs hanging around.  Our own Jeff Swift has a couple new items in his little corner of paradise. 

And he just sold the pale green sofa so who knows what sublime offerings are waiting in the near



Just across the aisle from my booth I spotted this Russel Woodard Sculptura arm chair.  It was

appropriately priced although the tag made no mention of Woodard or Sculptura.  M is for Modern

has been turning over a good amount of items it looks like and she's got this great looking side chair

with a floating backrest available in her booth now.


Last time the Girlfriend and I were in Canton TX for the GIANT flea market I almost bought a pair

of hoop chair frames just like this yellow one.  Alas, I had already picked so much other good stuff

and I just wasn't up for another project.  This one is priced right for someone who is.  That walnut

high back arm chair is just right for someone's danish modern home office.  It might even work as a

dining chair.  Stop by and see if any of these lovelies have to come home with you...and please take a

moment to peruse booth 5 while your there!

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