Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yup! Been Diggin' In The Garage Again. Pulled Out A Pair Of Fantastic Arkana - Maurice Burke Campaign Chairs This Time For Your Consideration. Got 'Em Tagged And Dragged To The Shag. Status: Available.


We've had this pair of Campaign / Sling chairs for ages.  They were probably purchases the first year the Girlfriend and I discovered estate sales.  We found them at a condo sale and the Girlfriend just had to have 'em!


Lucky for us she had the good sense to encourage me to pick them up.  This was WAY before I knew

anything about vintage modern.  Heck, I didn't ID these until maybe a few years ago.  We only used

(and by used I mean displayed...we never even really sat in 'em!) them for about a year before we

moved from Tower Grove East up here to Florissant.  They got disassembled and stored in the garage

and I only brought one out briefly to photograph it for the blog a while back.


So since I've been dealing with the perfect storm of a huge space to fill in Creve Coeur and a rather

lean craigslist the last couple of months (this will likely pass as spring arrives), I've been dipping into

the Garage stores to keep up.  This, I think, will be a good thing.  I'm finally getting around to some

of the projects that I've been too easily avoiding and recouping the outlay of some of that investment. 

These Arkana / Maurice Burke Campaign Chairs didn't take up much space out there but they'll

definitely serve someone else much better than they have been us!


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