Thursday, March 6, 2014

After Dropping Off The Factory Cart Coffee Table At My Booth In Creve Coeur Tuesday I Made The Thrift Store Rounds And Did Alright. I Left Half A Dozen Odd Smalls In The Booth But These Bits And Pieces Were Found After That. Status: Wanting For Tags.


OK, I was going to try and get away with saying that I found all these wonderful items but the Girlfriend says she'll just rat me out in the comments if I do so I'll just go ahead and admit it, she picked that fantastic grey Melmac divided vegetable serving dish.  like I could have ever fooled you know who's nuts for the plastic 'round here.


I thought real hard about keeping these 'cus they so purdy, but for real...I got no need for 'em.  I

picked up the pair at the St. Vincent thrift in St. Chuck along with the globe below.  I don't get around

to the St. Charles thrifts as often as I used to when we had the shop in Frenchtown.  I used to hit those

thrifts all the time but now, now they're just another three that are on my "rounds".


I don't even know which Goodwill the Girlfriend found this ColorFlyte Melmac dish at.  Even in

basic grey this divided bowl has tons of character.  We've got some other Melmac pieces from this

line and the cool thing is that these pieces, much like many of the Russel Wright designs, is that the

colors can easily be mixed and matched.


I'm not sure if this globe or the Pyrex bowls is my favorite pick from the St. Vincent this week.  Just

look at that fantastic chrome base!  And I love the black ocean and colorful continents.  Very

unusual.  ::sigh::  If only it was a lighted globe, I have to keep it for my very own then!  Alas, it's

scheduled to get tagged up for the booth.  Maybe even today!

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  1. Love the Melmac divided bowl! I grew up with Branchell dishes-my Mom's set had the Orange glow, the Evergreen, Pearl grey, and chartreuse. My sister, Lorraine's set, had that Charcoal, white, dark pink, and aqua. Both sets saw many years of service and were originally purchased from door-to-door salesmen back in the early 50's. I have one piece, a pearl grey tray, that I got for .90 and use on a daily basis. It's perfect for toast, a sandwich, or to hold my bowl of soup. Of course, Mom had every piece in the set, too!!!!