Saturday, March 29, 2014

We Got A Little Crazy Today And Jumped Into The Car For A Little Road Trip. We Ended Up At The Golden Door Motel At The Lake Of The Ozarks And Are Having A Ball! Status: Stayed.


Well, "Stayed" is a little optimistic since I'm writing from the room.  Tomorrow it will be "stayed".  But thus far we are happy with the joint.  See the door on the sign?  It constantly rotates!  How fun is that?


The room is on par for an inexpensive room in a vintage motel.  It's not fancy but it's got what ya

need.  Our particular room has two queen beds separated by the bathroom for a little bit of privacy. 

There's a "vintage" fat back TV with your standard cable and the The Golden Door Motel has high

speed wireless, which I am using to post this on right now!


The beds are fine and the room is clean.  We're gorging ourselves on American Pickers and lounging

out after an incredible dinner at The Savannah Grille of Idaho trout and Creme Brulee.  It weren't

cheap but we aren't spending much on the room since it's off season.  Even on season this place is

easy on the pocket book.  For most anybody it's really just a place to shower and sleep between

outings to the lake and shopping at the outlets and souvenir shops. 


There's a pool out back of our room...that you can't really see in that pic, but it's a pretty pic out the

back sliding door...but since it's still about 50 - 60 degrees out these days the pool isn't yet open.  The

Mini Golf just down the street however IS open and it was super fun!  I cleaned the Girlfriends

clock.  I have to gloat a little because that isn't always the case.  I should get some more good shots of

some of the other vintage signery that's still alive around the lake tomorrow, so stay tuned.


  1. So glad to see that the Golden Door is open and worth a stay - someone submitted it to Retro Roadmap the first year I started doing the site. Glad you guys are having a fun getaway, and thanks for checking up on the place Mr. ModT!

    1. Hi Mod B.

      I'll admit, I was hoping for a bit more kitsch in the room but it was a comfortable nights sleep and I bet that pool is great in the summer. We'll go back again. Oh, and when we checked in I was wearing the Retro Roadmap T-shirt you sent me! Saved me $20, unsolicited!