Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On Our Little Visit To Springfield Over The Weekend We Found A Tiny Little Antique Mall Called, Oddly Enough, Springfield Antique Mall. This Gorgeous Little Lane Side Table Was Waiting For Me There And Mr. M Was Happy As A Clam To Bring It Home! Status: Available!


Fresh from the land of Lincoln!  This was the ONLY item in this little antique mall that made me look twice.  Well, that's not entirely true...there was a few pieces of Russel Wright as well, but they were nowhere near my price range.


Don't you wish there was a Lane vintage database wherein you could plug in your style and serial

number and get the years and number of production, the line name, designer, original price, photos of

the rest of the line, etc.?  That would be so amazing.  As it stands all I know about this particular side

table is that it is, in fact...Lane.


It is perhaps a bit more delicate than your average Lane piece.  Think indestructible (except for the

finish) Lane Acclaim.  Having that caning on the lower tier means this is a pretty lightweight table. 

Easily carried with one hand.  And the caning is in remarkably good condition.  There are maybe two
hard to see breaks in it.  I think that serial number denotes a build year of 1963, so that's a long life

for this lovely little lamp holder.  So nice has this been kept that I didn't have to do a single thing to it

before dropping it off at The Green Shag Sunday afternoon!  Well, except for putting a tag on it and

finding some room for it, that is!

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