Wednesday, June 12, 2013

POW! How's That For A Pop Of Color On A Fine Spring Day? If You're A Long Time Reader You Might Recognize This Print...But This One Is Different. It's Bigger! Status: Lovely And Large!


Oh, to have found an original painting instead of another print.  I'm lucky enough to have all (but one) original paintings here in the Modtomic Ranch we call Lily (the Lily Pad...get it?).  Since this one is a print it goes to the booth.  Still, it's a rather striking print and would look right at home here.


Alas, I don't really have a free wall that doesn't already have a painting on it that I would be comfortable

replacing with this.  My loss will be someone else's gain!  As I recall, someone REALLY wanted the smaller

version of this
that I had in my booth way back last summer.  I had no idea that the little print was a section

of this larger version.  So, if YOU were the person who missed out on the smaller framed print...check it

out!  Don't hem and haw about this one!


Although it is a print, it is framed very nicely!  Surprisingly nicely.  Sure, the frame has a few bumps

that are commensurate with it's vintage pedigree, but over all the print and frame present very nicely.  I

hope to have some time to place this and some other new items in my booth at The Green Shag Market

before the weekend.  It's rather hard to find time to get everything done that I'd like these days.  If only

everything was open at 3am!


That's a signature?  That's worse than my own...which get's lots of groans.  The colors in this print are

seriously vibrant.  Most of these '60s prints and paintings are much more muted than this.  These bright

and brilliant ones are what I'm always on the hunt for.  They don't really fall out of the sky these days like

they used to...or so it seemed.  I'm glad I snatched up the pieces we have for the house when I did!


  1. Most prints will be faded by the sun, glad this one is bright.

  2. Very nice. You don't know who the artist is? Correct? I do love it.

    1. Not a clue. I guess this artist preferred to toil in anonymity.