Friday, June 14, 2013

Cowboy's And Indians. What Little Boy Wouldn't Love To Have These On His Bedroom Wall...Or In His Man Cave Basement Bar? C'mon, You Know We're All Still Little Boys...Right? Status: At The Shag.


Today I dropped off at The Green Shag Market, the red floor lamp I featured yesterday as well as the big blue cityscape print and this pair of Lloyd Harding western prints.  I found that the Broyhill Brasilia lamp table had found a new home but didn't have time to take a good look around the other booths to see what was new.


Gawd, this is such a stereotype that it's kinda offensive, you know...if you can't look past the Native

Americans are Bad and American Cowboys can do no wrong imagery.  Now...if you can, and realize

and understand the whole natives protecting their own from the foreign invaders is how things really

went down, these can be viewed through the rose colored sunglasses of kitsch. 


When I dropped these at the booth I realized that I really don't have much wall space to put artwork on. 

I'm going to get creative on this front and maybe drop some pegboard from one or two of the rafters so

I can have some more square footage in there.  Maybe suspend it with some rope on pulleys so the

proprietors can raise and lower them easily.  Then I won't have to just set prints and paintings on the I did today.  Ugh.  So embarrassing!

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