Sunday, June 9, 2013

Today We Managed To Create A Family Unit From A Pair Of Tall Black Porcelain Cats Found At The Flea Market And A Pair Of Small Black Kittens Found At The Antique Mall. Disparate Prices But All Were A Bargain. Status: Crazy Cat Guy.


I really am turning into a "crazy cat guy", 'ceptn these cats aren't eating me out of house and they's so easy to clean up after!  I'm still on the hunt for some Royal Dux Bohemia kitters  but I have to say, finding all four of these today was quite a coup! 


Yeah, we got up early and headed out to Wentzville for the Sunday flea and while it was otherwise kind

of a bust, we did find the tall pair of porcelain cat figures...and had some rockin' funnel cakes for

breakfast!  It was worth the trip just to have funnel cakes for breakfast, really.  Kinda weird though, it was

a beautiful morning and there were lots of buyers...but I'd say there were only about 75 - 80% of the

vendors there.  Maybe because there was rain on the way after noon.  Dunno.


The little porcelain kitty figurines were sourced from the Treasure Aisle antique mall on Big Bend.  There

was plenty else in that booth that I'd have loved to bring home too, but sometimes you gotta prioritize.

The last time I had an opportunity to snatch up a set of these little guys was a few years ago over at the

Belleville flea...and I just couldn't haggle the vendor into a deal I felt comfortable with.  I think he maybe

had $45 on them and I was looking for $30.  Obviously I didn't come out on top of that negotiation.  This

pair were even more reasonable than my offer to that seller!


So obvious now...I have way too many cat figurines.  It's getting weird.  I've got to cull the lot.  I'm going

to take stock soon and start tagging up what I can live without and take some to The Green Shag Market

and some over to Fleur De Lis - Home Source.   Oh yeah, see that owl up there?  I think I may be in danger

of become a "crazy owl guy" too.  We saw tons of owls while out today...but I held off from bringing any

home.  I'm just as picky about my owl figurines as I am about my cute kitters!

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