Sunday, June 30, 2013

Brutalist Post Vacation Road Finds. We're Almost Home Folks, No More Re-Runs! Status: Road Weary.


So I'm still out of town and am on the road home. We can't pass up a good antique mall and found a big one in Georgia where we happened upon this large brutalist cabinet.


I'm gonna keep this short because posting from my phone in a car that is constantly shifting around is ridiculously difficult and frustrating. My first reaction was that this was Lane. I've never really seen any other mass produced Brutalist case goods before that weren't Lane. But alas, much to my chagrin this turned out to be Broyhill! Guess they saw a niche that was lacking in their lineup.


IMG_20130630_151254 IMG_20130630_151515
IMG_20130630_151313 IMG_20130630_151445

Pretty cool huh! We didn't find much else here but it was a big place in a former '60s furniture store and it was fun sifting through all the neat stuff.


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    1. OK, I can't tell if you're being serious or not so I'll take the bait...Fifteen Hundred?!?!