Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Thrifts Were Good To Mr. Modtomic Last Weekend. I Found This Great Brass Candelabra And Plum Colored Art Glass Vase While Out And About. Status: Table Top Goods.


Wow, everything posted this last week (less the Wentzville flea posting) was found last weekend!  And I even forgot to knock out some pics of a set of orange sherbert "Oven Proof" dining plates that I found at the same Goodwill from whence the Plum glass vase came.


It was a good weekend after all.  The glass vase was a goodwill find while the brass candelabra was a West

County Savers snatch, the last thrift we shopped for the day.  Do you have a general mental map that you

follow when checking your traps?  I do and unfortunately it means that I forget to hit a few places from time

to time.  Makes me wonder what I'm missing.  Some day I hope to take part in the 127 Corridor 450+ mile

flea market and I just KNOW my "but what am I missing at the Next plot" anxieties will ramp up to level 12!


Lovely finds don't ya think?  The candelabra reminds me a lot of the one I featured many moons ago and

currently have available in my booth at The Green Shag Market.  Of course, since I publicly announced

that I don't collect art glass I've now got so much of it that it's ridiculous.  I may need to start culling that

collection as well.  It's just so darn pretty...and glass is such a miracle.  Think about what life would be like

without glass for just a moment.


I'm gonna get a tag on that candelabra and get it over to the shop in St. Charles, if you're interested, then

I'm on vacation!  It is time once again for the Girlfriend and I to take our Summer road trip.  Not exactly sure

where we're going but it's time to get outa Dodge for a while.  I'll probably post from the road a bit, but I'll

be boring you with some re-runs too.  Surely you haven't seen ALL of them already!  There's over a

Thousand to page through!  Happy Summer Vacation!

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